• Kelsea Godek

Jill & Michael's darling seaside session

I had the opportunity to work with Jill & her 3.5 year old son Michael while visiting Newport this summer. Michael had such a personality! His first interaction with me was the cutest excited drawn out "Hello0o0oo00o0o!". I instantly knew this was going to be a fun session. And oh my goodness! HIS OUTFIT! Suspenders and a bow-tie with crabs on them and mama Jill was perfectly coordinated.

We were at one of my favorite beaches to shoot, Peabodys Beach, in Middletown Rhode Island. The sand is white and silky smooth, an abundance of seagrass, and when facing the water there's beautiful boats moored just off shore.

We took some nicely posed shots then let Michael do his thing. I especially love the candids of him and Jill laughing while playing in the sand. It's those innocent moments that can be treasured forever.

Looking forward to more end of summer seaside sessions, the weather has been perfect!

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